Taxes on Five Types of Investment Income

Different types of investment returns are taxed distinctly. Knowing how investment returns are taxed can help you better manage your investments. Short-Term Capital Gains For an explanation of short term capital gains, imagine Bob: Bob buys shares of Apple Inc. Bob’s timing is good,...


The Two Pros & Two Cons of Short-Term Investments

Given current market valuations and the pending interest rate movement, many investors are drawn to short-term investments. Fortunately for those looking to invest for the short-term, there are multiple options available for short-term investing: Treasury Bills Short-Term Bond Funds Money Market funds Savings Accounts...


Retiree’s – Is Your Money Safe at the Bank?

According to a survey by the Society of Actuaries, one of retiree’s biggest fears are investment losses. According to their study, 56% of retiree’s are “apprehensive that their investments will lose value in retirement.” This begs the question: is your money safe at the...


The Two Rules of Retirement

Enjoying retirement requires following just two simple rules. This sounds too easy – one would imagine that a successful retirement is more complicated. It is complicated! This is because while the rules themselves are simple, following these simple rules is not simple. Read on...


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