Frequently Asked Questions

How do you differentiate between financial planners?
What is a fiduciary?
Who is a typical Wealth Analytics client?
How should I be investing my money?
How much can I spend per month?
Is my retirement sustainable?
How do I deal with market volatility?
How do I find an advisor?
Is Wealth Analytics different than the Wall Street firms I see advertising on TV?
Can you work with my accountant, attorney or other advisors?
Can I incorporate my existing investments into the investment plan created by Wealth Analytics?
What if I only want help with a particular question, such as what is the best way to allocate my 401k management plan or the best approach to taking Social Security benefits?
It seems the markets are rigged against small investors. Interest rates are changing and the economic environment is sketchy. How can we get a real return on assets so we can retire?
We have questions about Social Security and have heard there are ways to maximize these benefits. Can you help with these issues? How about Medicare vs. HMO and supplemental plans?
We have to make choices about employer pension plan options. These seem very complicated. Should we cash out our plan or take monthly income for life and is a joint payout the right option?

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