Retirement Planning

At Wealth Analytics, our goal is to help you create the most enjoyable stage of your life’s journey.

From a financial standpoint, there are three primary stages in our lives: (1) working and accumulating wealth, (2) considering a transition to retirement, and (3) living in retirement.

Regardless of where you are in these three financial life stages, we can assist in writing your story and crafting a plan that will bring you sustainable success.

1. Working and accumulating wealth. In this stage, it’s all about accumulating funds for retirement. We help you identify the right savings vehicles, like 401(k) plans, IRAs, and other accounts. We also help you implement a savings and investment strategy that will maximize your growth but limit your downside risk.

2. Transition to retirement. This phase usually occurs in the last five to ten years of your career. At this stage, we focus on protecting your assets from volatility. You’ve worked hard to save for retirement. You don’t want to risk those savings in the final years before you leave the working world.

We also help you answer some major questions about your retirement.

Retirement Planning

How will you generate income? How much can you afford to spend? When should you file for Social Security? How will you address risks like health care costs and long-term care? We develop a plan so you can face any challenge or obstacle that arises on your path to retirement.

3. Living in retirement. You’ve reached stage three. Mission accomplished, right? Not quite. You’ll still face financial obstacles even after you retire. For instance, you’ll need to continue growing your assets so you can generate income that lasts through your lifetime. You may face sizable costs for health care and long-term care. Taxes and inflation could pose a threat to your savings.

Our retirement planning is an ongoing process so we can make changes and adapt as your needs and goals evolve. We serve as your planning partner throughout each stage of life so you can live the retirement you’ve always imagined. Select your stage below and let’s start the conversation


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Hourly Financial Planning

Select one of the three life stages above for details on how our elite San Diego retirement planning firm can help you at any point in your life.

Besides that, understand that we offer hourly planning with our team of financial mentors and planners. The cost of hourly planning is $250 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. Whatever your specific needs are, we look forward to working with you!

Our retirement planning services at Wealth Analytics involve the following considerations:

Building a Model

of expected expenses and income in retirement

Evaluating Strategies

for taking Social Security

Determining Sustainable Withdrawal

from the entire portfolio of investments and meeting IRA required minimum distributions

Coordinating Financial Resources

such as investments, pensions, 401k retirement plans, IRA’s, and savings accounts


the need for long-term care insurance


and updating the plan as needed

It would be nice to have a plan in place that fits our own life vision and desires — a vision that marries making money with doing what we love and inspires in us more hope than dread.– Mitch Anthony, Author of The New Retirementality

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