Investment Management

Developing an effective and safe retirement strategy is more complicated than most people realize.

It requires customized tax management and an asset allocation process designed to create a regular, sustainable monthly paycheck from your portfolio. There is no simple formula that fits every person.

The critical question retirement investors need to ask is:

What is the best strategy for withdrawing money from my nest egg?

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Investment Strategy

Our process emphasizes low-cost investment vehicles and wide diversification over multiple asset classes such as stocks, bonds, commodities, inflation-indexed treasuries, exchange traded funds and real estate. We do not use any investing products that have commissions, loads or hidden charges. We do not sell annuities or structured products. In fact, we provide investment management services on a fiduciary, fee-for-service basis. We'll consider the following elements in building a safe investment strategy:

Safe Withdrawal Rate

Determining a sustainable beginning rate of withdrawal (such as 4%).

Cost-of-Living Adjustment

Adjusting income upwards as the cost of living increases over the years.

Cash Flow Planning

Establishing (and replenishing) a cash account that may contain up to five years’ worth of living expenses.

Retirement Account Withdrawals

Coordinating withdrawals from all accounts (taxable and tax-deferred).

Portfolio Rebalancing

Determining a plan for rebalancing.

Tracking Portfolio Performance

Tracking the cumulative overall performance of the portfolio as well as year-by-year spending.

The best way to protect yourself from commission-driven sales is to switch to a fee-only investment adviser. Fee-only financial planning advisers sell no products and take no commissions, they charge only for their advice.– Jane Bryant Quinn, Nationally-Known Financial Journalist

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