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Managing Expenses in a Recession

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Wall Street Journal

Voices: Gordon Tudor, On Work After Retirement

Over the past five years, people have really changed their mindset about retirement. It’s become less about simply collecting a pension and going off to travel or play golf, and more about creating an alternative lifestyle, a holistic approach where someone can go follow their passions…

San Diego Union Tribune

‘Safe investments’ come with their own risks

My husband and I are reaching retirement age. Please explain the different options for investments that are pretty safe. Are bonds our best bet?…

After long span, a footbridge

For eight years, Troy Daum has led a community campaign to get a pedestrian bridge built across Ted Williams Parkway so children from his Carmel Mountain Ranch neighborhood can get to and from school in safety…

Financial Advisor Magazine

The Coming Retirement Wave

“People are now looking at 20 to 30 years of retirement,” says Troy Daum, founder of Wealth Analytics, a San Diego-based financial planning firm…

Sign On San Diego

How to repair recession-battered retirement portfolio?

My investment portfolio barely survived the Great Recession of 2008. I have some time before I plan to stop working, but what do I do now to get my retirement back on track?…


Your Client: Is retirement planning easier for singles?

Married or Single? Who has the advantage in retirement planning?…

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